Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Favorite Anime Titles / Japanese Cartoons

Greetings to all who view this blog. All the view points on this blog are mine and have nothing to do with what others think, like or otherwise about this form of entertainment which has violent, sexist, cruel, and intense view points of view. I am just saying that I am sure there are some who will differ in their choices and opinions with me so please bare with me. Enough said.

Here are a few of my favorite Animes & Animated videos:

Akira - Classic post nuclear Tokyo, Japan with genius biker hero to save the day.

Angel Cop (Series) - Anti-Terriost task force of Japan shoots first then strong arms terrorists is drawn into a bigger treat to Japan's security?

Appleseed - Dunane Neut is a female future soldier lost in battle after battle and is rescued only to be drawn into a plot to destroy the government of one of the last cities called Utopia of a Post-Global War devastated Earth.

Appleseed Exmachina - Dunane Neut, Citizen / S.W.A.T. member, She secures a city one day at a time by kicking butt with her fellow officers.

The Black Lagoon series (1 & 2 seasons) - South China Seas Pirates of the 90's will steal your attention away from anything else if you like cinema action.

Blue Submarine No. 6 - A super submarine in the near future is charged with saving the earth from undersea mutants created by a former government scientist gone mad who will change the world or destroy it.

City Hunter - A private detective who is given the title "City Hunter" because he always gets his man and womanizes along the way.

Cowboy Bebop Series & Movie - Bounty Hunters of the future planet hop to find their bounties, Ruthless criminals on the run.

Crying Freeman series- A peaceful Japanese artist is kidnapped by a Chinese gang and transformed into a deadly assassin.

Final Fantasy - Earth is threatened by alien forces that may destroy mankind so a team of scientists and special forces members try to stop.

Final Fantasy Seven- A former soldier now biker delivery man is drawn into a power play between a biker gang and a super corporation. Can he, his friends, and the world survive?

Ghost In the Shell - Female cyborg super cop of the near future leads an elite squad / task force to investigate cyber crimes that threaten nation security.

Heavy Metal - Pure Evil is "The Orb" that has to defeat good at any cost through time and space.

Heavy Metal 2000 - Revenge is best served by a cold bitch in red with a big gun or sword after her entire planet is slaughtered by a crazed maniac on a quest across the universe for immortality.

Jin _Roh - The Wolf Brigade - 1960's Japan is in turmoil over internal security and the Wolfs among them want change. One man seems caught in the middle, a young security trainee.

Ninja Scrolls - One lone Ninja find himself in the middle of a feud between Ninja clans over the Sacred Ninja Scrolls of ultimate power. Can he survive?

Noir (Series) - A top female assassin while on assignment runs into a mysterious woman who suffers from amnesia and is even better at killing that she is. The partnership forms and the journey begins to find out who this woman is.

The Professional / Code name: Golgo 13 - an assassin who never fails on a mission to kill is now being hunted. Who is next on the hit list?

The Wicked City - A city is threatened by shape shifting beings from another dimension only because the door way to our world is in the sky above a already Wicked City.

The Outlaw Star - A young man inherits his fathers spaceship and is drawn into one adventure after another while he searches for answers to the mysteries of his own ship "The OutlawStar" the only ship he can fly.

Samari X - An orphan who is also an unbeatable young samauri wanders the country side searching for his place in life. All he knows is combat so is there more for him?

Vampire Hunter D - The most feared one among vampires because he hunts and kills blood suckers.

WitchBlade - A mother finds a mysterious bracelet with strange powers but all she wants is for her and her daughter to have a home.

Well there is my first listing for Anime and more will follow. There will also be regular movie listing on what I think is cool. Until then.

Good bye for now.

Edwin G.

Monday, July 12, 2004

A real Wonder Woman?

Dear Everyone:

I suppose that I am using this as a way to post my feelings on this subject. I am still moved when I see a real life person who pushes the envelope in their pursuits. What I am talking about is a female Body builder by the name of "Lauren Powers" and american woman who pushes the limit of achievement. She is a surfer, skateboarder, snowboarder, motorcross rider, scuba diver, skydiver, and she even rides a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. She calls herself "Wonder Woman" but, of course too few people know who she is. We support people who pretend to have guts but, do we support people who openly display their courage with their pursuits? Are we as men afraid that a woman who achieves too much will cause us to lose our masculinity? If a man is concerned with that he probably is losing any masculinity because he already feels that he has too little of it to begin with. My point is I would suggest that any adult male who likes female body builders to check out her sight. and see what she is all about. Why? Because you will be seeing a real life woman who deserves her own comic book series.
Look, I get tried of so many women who just try to fake how compitient they are. I am not suggesting that this is a perfect woman just a gutsy one who deserves your attention especially if you claim to like muscular women. That is why I am attempting to inform the adult males and females of this extraordinary woman. She has earned much and with your support or those who wish to, will achieve more! This is a woman who deserves a closer look so give her one!

Edwin Griffin