Monday, July 12, 2004

A real Wonder Woman?

Dear Everyone:

I suppose that I am using this as a way to post my feelings on this subject. I am still moved when I see a real life person who pushes the envelope in their pursuits. What I am talking about is a female Body builder by the name of "Lauren Powers" and american woman who pushes the limit of achievement. She is a surfer, skateboarder, snowboarder, motorcross rider, scuba diver, skydiver, and she even rides a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. She calls herself "Wonder Woman" but, of course too few people know who she is. We support people who pretend to have guts but, do we support people who openly display their courage with their pursuits? Are we as men afraid that a woman who achieves too much will cause us to lose our masculinity? If a man is concerned with that he probably is losing any masculinity because he already feels that he has too little of it to begin with. My point is I would suggest that any adult male who likes female body builders to check out her sight. and see what she is all about. Why? Because you will be seeing a real life woman who deserves her own comic book series.
Look, I get tried of so many women who just try to fake how compitient they are. I am not suggesting that this is a perfect woman just a gutsy one who deserves your attention especially if you claim to like muscular women. That is why I am attempting to inform the adult males and females of this extraordinary woman. She has earned much and with your support or those who wish to, will achieve more! This is a woman who deserves a closer look so give her one!

Edwin Griffin